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hands free man drivinghands free man driving

Hands-Free Talking and Texting Is Killing Us

80 percent of Americans think using a hands-free device while driving is safe. It isn't.

Rollover accidentRollover accident

Rollovers: Are You at Risk for One of These Deadly Vehicle Accidents?

How to avoid a rollover and survive one if it happens.

Two proud members of the School Safety PatrolTwo proud members of the School Safety Patrol

AAA's School Safety Patrol: Saving Lives for 95 Years

Elementary school kids are everyday heroes in this program.

school bus stop signschool bus stop sign

When Should You Stop For a School Bus?

The short answer: Whenever it's stopped. But learn your state laws on the details.

woman popping her ears woman popping her ears

How to Unblock Your Ears and Equalize the Pressure

Ears hurt when you fly? 5 ways to give them an altitude adjustment.

baby in car seatbaby in car seat

Parents: Are You Keeping Your Kids in Rear-Facing Car Seats Long Enough?

A new law in NJ says kids must ride rear-facing longer, and parents face stiffer fines if they don't.

brand new car brand new car

Is “New Car Smell” Dangerous?

Many drivers love the aroma, but can it make you sick?

man driving at nightman driving at night

12 Tips for Safer Nighttime Driving

When darkness falls, use these strategies to arrive alive.

flat tireflat tire

What to Do If Your Tire Blows Out

Learn how to react like a pro in this hairy moment.

plane interior cabinplane interior cabin

How to Survive a Plane Crash

Most crashes are survivable, so it pays to know what to do.

man on motorcycleman on motorcycle

Beware “Brain Buckets": These Novelty Motorcycle Helmets Are Useless

Federal safety tests show “100 percent probability” of brain injury in a crash.

long stretch limolong stretch limo

When Stretch Limos Turn Deadly

These luxury vehicles promise a safe, secure ride, but there’s a catch.

ipad online hotel reservationipad online hotel reservation

Did You Book Your Stay on a Fake Hotel Site?

Look closely at your search results.

oil change caroil change car

Lube Shop Services Your Car Probably Doesn't Need

Before your next oil change, read this and save money.

hand pumping gashand pumping gas

6 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Pay less at the pump with these simple strategies.