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A 1950s child car seatA 1950s child car seat

Safety Flashback: Child Car Seats

Can you even call this a car seat?

mosquito sunsetmosquito sunset

5 Bizarre Diseases Humans Get from Parasites

New drugs are underway for river blindness and other diseases caused by parasites, but the best medicine is still prevention.

vaccine certificationvaccine certification

Many Americans Traveling Abroad Lack Key Vaccinations

Outbreaks of measles, hepatitis A could be prevented if people were fully immunized, researchers say.

kids walking schoolkids walking school

Road Safety for Kids: All Aboard the Walking School Bus

If you can't walk your kid to school, other parents can "drive" him there.

airplane windowairplane window

Dumbest Things People Do on Airplanes

And you thought “Stop the plane, I want to get off” was just a joke.

traveler hailing taxitraveler hailing taxi

Travel Safety Tips: 6 Common Scams to Beware

Guard yourself against unscrupulous taxi drivers, phony tour guides, exchange rate cons and more.

plane sunsetplane sunset

Who Needs Travel Insurance? You Might

Before buying it, ask yourself these 5 key questions.

fall foliagefall foliage

7 Fall Driving Safety Tips

Learn how to handle wet leaves, fog and sun glare this autumn.

American touristAmerican tourist

The Worst Clothing Mistakes American Tourists Make

Committing these fashion faux pas could put you at risk when you travel abroad.

hyundai sonatahyundai sonata

Hyundai Sonatas and Accents Recalled

In some Sonatas, metal debris could lead to an engine stall and possibly a crash.

hiking in nepalhiking in nepal

How to Have a Safe Trek in Nepal

Enjoy accident-free adventure travels with tips from a mountain guide.

little boy backseatlittle boy backseat

How to Make Sure Kids Behave in the Car

Parents: Don't get driven to distraction by backseat shenanigans.

car green emissionscar green emissions

Make Your Own Car Greener: How to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Slash greenhouse gases with these handy tips from the EPA.

Young travelerYoung traveler

Travel Abroad Checklist: 8 Documents You Need

Have these with you to keep your dream vacation from turning into a nightmare.

Clean drinking waterClean drinking water

How to Clean Water While Traveling Abroad

Skip tap water and disposable plastic water bottles — do this instead.