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Blur of cars on highwayBlur of cars on highway

Road Safety: The Government Wants to Ban Cell Phones and Make Collision Avoidance Features Standard

These wishes are part of the NTSB’s most wanted changes for 2016.

electric car chargingelectric car charging

8 Tips to Extend Your Electric Vehicle’s Range in Winter

You may run out of charge a lot faster in cold weather. Here’s what to do about it.

jumped cablesjumped cables

How to Use Jumper Cables

Learn how to bring your car back from the dead without hurting yourself or it.

teens driving carteens driving car

What Your Teen Can Do If Someone's Texting While Driving Them

Three ways he or she can stand up for safety without losing cred.

Pedestrians crossing intersectionPedestrians crossing intersection

Distracted Walking: Your Phone and Intersections Don't Mix

"Digital deadwalkers" are tripping and falling down stairs.

fogged windshieldfogged windshield

How to Defog Your Car's Windshield

It's a simple as the press of a button (or two).

girl at hotel roomgirl at hotel room

How to Baby Proof a Hotel Room

Smart tips from travel-savvy moms.

Driving in the desertDriving in the desert

Desert Driving Tips That Could Save Your Hide

You'll need more than a bottle of water to stay safe and beat the heat.

Driving in the snowDriving in the snow

How to Drive in Snow

9 tips for reducing your risk of a crash in snowy and icy conditions.

flight attendant oxygen maskflight attendant oxygen mask

4 Airplane Safety Tips You Won't Learn From the Demo

Why putting your oxygen mask on first is not a selfish act and more.

Dog at homeDog at home

Traveling with Dogs? Those Car Crates and Harnesses May Not Do Him Much Good

Crash test results could be a reason to leave Fido at home.

TSA agent check IDTSA agent check ID

A Driver's License May No Longer Get You on a Plane if You're From One of These 9 States

The Department of Homeland Security says they fail to meet federal standards under the Real ID Act.

Car trunkCar trunk

10 Things to Keep in the Trunk of Your Car

If the only thing in your trunk is a spare tire, there’s a long road ahead to being fully prepared.

Driving on New Year's EveDriving on New Year's Eve

Road Safety: Practice Defensive Driving on New Year's Eve

8 ways to reduce your risk of ringing in the new year with a crash.

Tow truckTow truck

Beware This Growing Tow Truck Scam

If help arrives unbidden, wave it away.