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miserable girlmiserable girl

6 Hidden Ways Your Cell Phone May Be Harming Your Health

From icky germs to relationship trouble to bike crashes, your cell phone could be dangerous in surprising ways.

home alarm systemhome alarm system

Keep Your House Safe with a DIY Security System

These three systems are easy to install yourself and won’t break your budget.

digital addictiondigital addiction

Quiz: Time for a Digital Detox?

Get your digital dependency under control with these tips.

Cellphone addictionCellphone addiction

How to Break Your Cellphone Addiction

Does the thought of being without your phone make you agitated? Fight back against nomophobia.

hacked emailhacked email

Your Email Got Hacked — Now What?

5 things you need to do right away to stem the damage.

Secure smartphoneSecure smartphone

How to Keep Apps from Learning Too Much About You

When a smartphone app asks for access to your contacts, photos or location, when is it OK to grant access, and how can you adjust your privacy settings?

Two kids wearing earbudsTwo kids wearing earbuds

Earbuds: Are They Safe for Your Kids?

Why and when to make your kids unplug — here's what experts recommend.

parental control settingsparental control settings

How to Set Parental Controls On Your Smart TV

Caution: Your TV contains sexual and violent content you don’t want your kid to see.

Smartphone displaying a medical appSmartphone displaying a medical app

Turn Your Phone or Tablet into a Mini Medical Center

New technology elevates your device from an everyday essential to a fully functional piece of medical equipment.

doctor with medical appdoctor with medical app

Medical Problem? These Apps Can Help

Discover four apps that can help you play doctor in a crisis.

no texting and drivingno texting and driving

Putting Down My Phone: A Resolution

One woman takes a stand to pay more attention to her surroundings and less attention to her phone.

shocked admissions counselorshocked admissions counselor

Applying To College? Clean Up Your Social Media Act

Don’t let a compromising photo or unfortunate post get your application rejected.

teen using tablet in bedteen using tablet in bed

Positive Correlation Found Between Teens' Sleep and Electronic Use

Kids using computers and phones take longer to drift off at night.

Online datingOnline dating

Win the Online Dating Game by Staying Safe

An expert reveals tips for protecting yourself as your would-be romance moves from digital to 3D.

home internethome internet

How to Lock Down Your Home Internet

Are your computers and devices safe from intruders and malware? Here’s how to make the right security choices when setting up your home network.