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woman mad at phonewoman mad at phone

How to Complain on Social Media Without Getting Sued (or Worse)

A man was recently kicked off a plane for a negative tweet.

3D printer3D printer

Buying a 3D Printer? UL Has Some Safety Advice

They’re oh-so-cool and increasingly popular, but watch what, and how, you print.

cleaning dirty keyboardcleaning dirty keyboard

How to Clean Screens and Keyboards

Whether you have crumbs in your keyboard or smudges on your monitor, clean carefully or regret it later.

password encryptedpassword encrypted

How to Make Your Password Secure and Safe

Time to create another password? Make it a secure one.

lively shower sensorlively shower sensor

Aging in Place: 4 Gadgets to Help Keep Seniors Safe at Home

These monitoring systems help you care for your loved one from afar.

coupon buttoncoupon button

Free Stuff? Don’t Take the Bait

Read this before you sign up for gratis goodies or click on a coupon offer.

windows 10 update screenshotwindows 10 update screenshot

Updating Your Windows 10 Software? Don't Fall For This Scam

This fraudulent "update" email can drop ransomware into your computer.

iphone textiphone text

Your Phone Can Distract You With a Simple Vibrate

A sole unread text message can disrupt your work flow.

xperia Z3 waterproof phonexperia Z3 waterproof phone

Waterproof Devices: Swim at Your Own Risk

Your shiny new smartphone or smartwatch may — or may not — be as water-friendly as you think.

key passwordkey password

Want More Secure Email? Consider Encryption

To really protect your email from spying eyes, IT experts say this is the way to go.

purse tile apppurse tile app

Can’t Ever Find Your Wallet or Keys? You May Need an Electronic Tracker

Tile, TrackR Bravo, Pixie and other tracker systems help you locate your frequently lost items.

iphone text messageiphone text message

The Verification Code Scam: Don't Fall for It

Sometimes a verification code request isn't what it seems, warns the FTC.

samsung trucksamsung truck

Samsung's Safety Truck Lends a Hand to Drivers

See the road ahead with their new semi truck technology.

woman starting car ignitionwoman starting car ignition

Can’t Stop Texting While Driving? This Device Is for You

Orginally used for DUIs, ignition interlocks prevent distracted driving, too.

baby pressing buttonbaby pressing button

The Quantified Baby: How Safe Are Wearable Devices?

Before you track your little one’s every breath and move, find out what the safety experts say about wearables for babies.