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Ice cutting on Sand Lake in South Dakota around 1938 Ice cutting on Sand Lake in South Dakota around 1938

6 Incredibly Dangerous Jobs from the Annals of History

Thank modern technology for doing these jobs so you don’t have to.

Wearable fitness deviceWearable fitness device

3 Steps to Secure Your Wearable Fitness Device Data

Your wearable is tracking more than just steps. But who is it sharing that info with?


Who Is Your Child Really Talking to Online?

Messaging apps allow anonymity — and that’s where your kids can get into trouble.

cellphone back pocketcellphone back pocket

Emergency! Too Many People Are Butt Dialing 911

The influx of false calls is straining the system, Google research finds.

SecureTeen appSecureTeen app

3 Apps to Monitor Your Kids’ Online Behavior

These apps can be the digital eyes in the back of your head.

Girl watching online videoGirl watching online video

5 Video-Streaming Apps for Children

Kid-friendly apps let them surf and search safely — without stumbling onto adult content.

Jailbreak iPhoneJailbreak iPhone

KeyRaider Malware: Another Reason You Shouldn’t Jailbreak Your iPhone

The largest known Apple account theft caused by malware in history just happened.

Drone croppedDrone cropped

Dumb Things People Have Done with Drones

Drones are starting to fill the sky — sometimes with crazy-dangerous results.

tandem skydivingtandem skydiving

Is Your Insurance Company Using Social Media to Snoop on You?

Your post on skydiving may lead to sky-high coverage.

Update computer softwareUpdate computer software

Why — and How —You Should Update Your Computer Software

Leaving security holes open lets hackers steal your data and infect your computer.

The Drinkable BookThe Drinkable Book

For Clean Drinking Water, Take a Page Out of This Book

The latest scientific advance in clean water technology is brilliantly and surprisingly simple.

woman mad at phonewoman mad at phone

How to Complain on Social Media Without Getting Sued (or Worse)

A man was recently kicked off a plane for a negative tweet.

3D printer3D printer

Buying a 3D Printer? UL Has Some Safety Advice

They’re oh-so-cool and increasingly popular, but watch what, and how, you print.

cleaning dirty keyboardcleaning dirty keyboard

How to Clean Screens and Keyboards

Whether you have crumbs in your keyboard or smudges on your monitor, clean carefully or regret it later.

password encryptedpassword encrypted

How to Make Your Password Secure and Safe

Time to create another password? Make it a secure one.