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Browser cookiesBrowser cookies

What Are Cookies and Should I Block or Delete Them?

They track you online, but is it worth getting rid of them?

password lockpassword lock

SafeBee Survey: Password Use Gets a Failing Grade

Are you making these common password mistakes?

surprised woman phonesurprised woman phone

Teens: 7 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Privacy

When you post, you're probably sharing a lot more than you think.

password laptop password laptop

These Common Passwords Are the Worst for Cybersecurity

Ever used "password," "12345" or "starwars"? You're not alone.

EMV credit cardEMV credit card

Beware This Email Scam Involving EMV Credit Cards

The new cards are more secure, so criminals are resorting to an old trick.

Medical alert deviceMedical alert device

How to Choose a Medical Alert System

8 things to consider before you buy.

Smart home tech - refrigeratorSmart home tech - refrigerator

The Internet of Things Took Over CES — and Will Soon Take Over Our Homes

Smart home tech gives appliances a cool new makeover, but safety experts raise concerns.


New Twitter Rules Ban Mean Speech

Like your mom used to say: If you don’t have anything nice to tweet, don’t tweet anything at all.


New Smartphone for Christmas? Do These 6 Things Right Away

If Santa brought you a smartphone, here’s how to keep it — and the data it contains — safe and secure.


Can Social Media Help Identify Food Poisoning Outbreaks?

Your posts on Yelp, Twitter and other platforms could aid disease detectives.

mobile walletmobile wallet

Is Your Mobile Wallet Secure?

Paying by smartphone is the next big thing, but make sure your money and your data stay safe.

french flag overlay fbfrench flag overlay fb

Social Media Shaming: Just Don't Do It

Experts speak out against "grief shaming" and other forms of cyberbullying.

drones skydrones sky

A Drone of Your Own for Christmas? The FAA Wants to Know You

The agency announced it plans to create a registry of all drone pilots.

chip card machinechip card machine

8 Things Consumers Should Know about the New EMV Credit Cards

These “chip” cards protect you against credit card “skimming,” but you still need to be careful.

paris eiffel towerparis eiffel tower

After a Disaster: How to Find Out if a Loved One Is Safe

Online tools connect survivors with friends and family.