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baby fingersbaby fingers

Safety Advice to Consider During National Baby Safety Month

September is recognized as National Baby Safety Month. Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned one with young ones in your home now is just as good of a time

Children in life jacketsChildren in life jackets

How to Make Sure Your Life Jacket Would Save Your Life

These inflatable vests will do their job — if you do yours and choose the right one.

Power stripPower strip

Guide to Power Strips and Surge Protectors

You have at least one in your house, but are you using it right?

Woman wearing oven mittsWoman wearing oven mitts

Ask John: Cooking Safety

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the number one and two days of the year for cooking fires.

LED and CFL lightbulbsLED and CFL lightbulbs

Ask the Expert: LED and CFL Light Bulbs

Get the low-down on LED bulbs, find out how to clean up a broken CFL bulb and learn the truth about CFLs and dimmer switches.

home inspectionhome inspection

Ask the Expert: Home Inspections

Getting a home inspected? Learn about digital cameras, how to choose an inspector and what to watch for in new and old homes.