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A stray dogA stray dog

How to Rescue a Stray without Putting Yourself at Risk

Let your head guide your heart if you want to help a cat, dog or wild animal on the street.

Chain sawChain saw

Chain Saw Safety: Guarding Life and Limb

Injuries happen in a flash, but not if you know how to protect yourself.

Young skiers take a skiing lesson.Young skiers take a skiing lesson.

How to Avoid the Most Common Ski and Snowboard Injuries

A veteran ski patroller offers tips for skirting a nightmare on the slopes this winter.

A car stuck in the snow.A car stuck in the snow.

How to Survive Being Trapped in a Car During a Blizzard

Survival expert Mykel Hawke offers advice to help you stay alive.

A woman exercising outsideA woman exercising outside

Why You Should Take Your Exercise Routine Outside

Teaming up with Mother Nature can boost your motivation and your mood.

woman freezing in the coldwoman freezing in the cold

Your Cold-Weather Survival Guide

Baby, it’s cold outside. Learn how to keep your house, your pets and your family safe.

Grizzly bearGrizzly bear

What to Do if You Encounter a Bear

Bears are naturally afraid of people — but that doesn’t mean they’ll run away from you.

penguins walking on icepenguins walking on ice

How to Walk on Ice Without Falling

Get through this winter without breaking a bone.

Running in the winter.Running in the winter.

Winter Running Safety

How avid runners can avoid injury in the cold, dark months.

sledding mom and sonsledding mom and son

7 Tips for Safer Sledding

How to keep the kids in one piece when the snow falls and the hill beckons

shoveling snowshoveling snow

How to Shovel Snow Without Ending Up in the ER

Shoveling snow is hard on your back and also your heart. Learn these safe techniques to prevent an injury or worse.

man in cold weatherman in cold weather

Stay Safe in Crazy-Cold Weather

What you need to know about the two greatest dangers — hypothermia and frostbite.

atv in snowatv in snow

10 Safety Rules for ATVs and Snowmobiles

Key tips to know before you motor off-road.


How to Survive a Tornado

Find out what to do and where to go when a twister looms with these tornado safety tips.