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finger ringing doorbellfinger ringing doorbell

5 Scams to Steer Clear of this Summer

Before you hire a mover, commit to a vacation package or accept a summer job, read this.

woman piggy bankwoman piggy bank

5 Common Money Mistakes Many Women Make

Don’t let these financial pitfalls leave you unprepared for the future.

Young woman at ATMYoung woman at ATM

Save Money on Those Pesky ATM Fees

These fees have reached record highs; here’s how to fight back.

couple worried moneycouple worried money

Have A Mortgage? Avoid These Scams

Scams range from hijacking your mortgage payments to stealing your house.

worried elderly womanworried elderly woman

Three Popular Scams Against Seniors to Beware

Advice from the FBI on how to recognize and avoid these rackets.

clothespin socksclothespin socks

11 Easy Ways to Save Energy This Summer

How to chill out, eat well, tend your lawn and more while helping the planet.

narcissistic bossnarcissistic boss

Do You Have a Narcissistic Boss?

Your boss is self-centered, demands admiration and exploits you. Here’s how to survive.

money housemoney house

How to Avoid a Reverse-Mortgage Scam

Deceptive ads and out-and-out fraud often lead to financial trouble.

red car with moneyred car with money

Getting a Car Loan? Don't Get Ripped Off

A dishonest auto dealer can saddle you with inflated payments and unnecessary options.

glass jar full of coinsglass jar full of coins

Money Tips for Millennials From An Old Pro

Investment advisor John D. Spooner dishes out some practical advice.

roll of billsroll of bills

5 Signs That Bill May Be Counterfeit

Never accept a wooden nickel — or a fake bill.

credit card and stethoscopecredit card and stethoscope

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Medical ID Theft

Medical identity theft can hurt your wallet and harm your health. What you should know.

salmon saladsalmon salad

8 Ways to Save Money on Healthy Foods

Yes, you can eat well for less. Here are 8 ways to try right now.

Payday loan neon signPayday loan neon sign

Payday Loans: A Short-Term Fix That Can Turn Into a Long-Term Debt Trap

Triple-digit interest rates will likely drain your bank account.

Asian man looking at budgeting appAsian man looking at budgeting app

5 Apps to Help You Make a Budget and Stick to It

Wonder where all your money's going? Now you can find out.