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piggy bank drowningpiggy bank drowning

How to Dig Yourself Out of Credit Card Debt

7 ways to shrink your debt down to zero.

couple for rent homecouple for rent home

Renters: Beware These 4 Common Scams

Business is booming for phantom rentals.

bank tellerbank teller

Fake Certified Checks: Don’t Be a Victim

Bank checks and money orders may not be as safe as you think.

A jar of cash on the tableA jar of cash on the table

How to Build a Retirement Account When You're Self-Employed

Save now or pay later, experts say.

empty purseempty purse

When to Use a Credit Counseling Service — and When It’s a Scam

You could lower your interest rate significantly — or get ripped off.

old couple golfold couple golf

5 Things You Must Do Before You Retire

Make these moves before you punch out to avoid nasty financial surprises and help your money last.

mechanic under car hoodmechanic under car hood

Don't Let a Car Mechanic Take You For a Ride

5 ways to avoid overspending on auto repairs.

colorful map of the uscolorful map of the us

Don’t Let Moving Wreck Your Will

Your new state’s laws can lead to estate taxes and hassles for heirs.

car with pink bowcar with pink bow

The Zero Percent Car Loan: What to Know Before You Sign

These deals sound amazing, but they may not be your best option.

money medical billsmoney medical bills

Hospital Bills Making You Sick?

You may need a medical billing advocate.

elderly grocery workerelderly grocery worker

What to Know Before Taking a Job When You're Retired

Look before you leap back into the job market.

salesman contractsalesman contract

Extended Warranties: Are They Ever Worth It?

Do a little homework before you decide to buy.

money handcuffsmoney handcuffs

Should I Co-Sign a Loan?

Know the risks before helping out your friend or family member.

central park street signcentral park street sign

Think Your Short-Term Rental Is Legal? Think Again

What you need to know before renting out rooms on Airbnb, Vrbo and other “sharing economy” startups.

lease agreementlease agreement

Landlords: 4 Rental Scams to Avoid

Read this before taking on your next tenant.