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Paying moneyPaying money

Why You Shouldn't Pay Your Nanny Under the Table

Playing by the rules protects you, your nanny — and your kids.


Comic Book Storage: 6 Tips for Preserving Your Treasures

Whether it's valuable now or might be later, protect your collection.


Funeral Insurance: Do You Need It, or Is It a Ripoff?

Make sure you’re not sending your money to the great beyond.

money in the sandmoney in the sand

How to Find Lost Savings Bonds, Bank Accounts and Other Assets

If you’re missing money or even a life insurance policy, search these free websites to find it fast.

College student on campusCollege student on campus

How to Choose A College So You Don’t Waste Money on Tuition

Want to graduate with less debt and a bigger paycheck? The College Scorecard can help.

Unhappy tenants in commonUnhappy tenants in common

Tenants in Common Agreements: What to Know Before You Sign

Buying an otherwise unaffordable home as tenants in common may be tempting, but understand what you’re getting into.

Health care discount cardHealth care discount card

Do Health Care Discount Cards Really Save You Money?

How to tell if a card will give you real discounts or just another monthly bill.

arms with credit cards in airarms with credit cards in air

Want a Good Credit Score? Beware These 5 Credit Myths

Don't screw up your credit score when trying to improve it.

Man looking at bill in shockMan looking at bill in shock

Force-Placed Insurance: Homeowners Beware

Your mortgage lender could force you to buy overpriced insurance you don’t even need.

Money and divorceMoney and divorce

8 Ways to Protect Your Finances During a Divorce

Pull the plug on your marriage, not your savings.

student loan debt student loan debt

Need Student Loan Forgiveness? Try These Programs

Many teachers, volunteers and others qualify for debt forgiveness.


Crowdfunding Fraud: Think You're Donating to a Good Cause?

Make sure before you fork over money on sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe.

dog at officedog at office

How to Bring Your Dog to Work without Landing in the Doghouse

Get the benefits of petting and wags without the cold stares, sneezes or injuries.

piggy bank drowningpiggy bank drowning

How to Dig Yourself Out of Credit Card Debt

7 ways to shrink your debt down to zero.

couple for rent homecouple for rent home

Renters: Beware These 4 Common Scams

Business is booming for phantom rentals.