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Menorahs, Dreidels, Latkes and More: Tips for a Safe Hanukkah

Don't let these 5 traditions turn into holiday hazards.

santa packagessanta packages

Keep Your Packages Safe From Thieves

Don't let a grinch steal your holiday gifts.

holiday lightsholiday lights

Holiday Lights Safety Smarts

When you're decking the outside of the house, heed this expert advice.


Are Rodents Wreaking Havoc with Your Home's Electrical Wiring?

Mice or squirrels in the attic or elsewhere can chew through your wires and start a fire.

car broken tree branchcar broken tree branch

Am I Liable if My Tree Falls On My Neighbor's Property?

If your tree was dying or diseased, you may be.

scented candle homescented candle home

8 Ways to Have Cleaner Indoor Air This Winter

Tips for breathing easy at home.


5 Products in Your House That Contain Alcohol

Watch out: Kids may drink them instead of liquor to get drunk — with tragic results.


When to Toss Your Plastic Containers

Got plastic? Know when these containers are no longer safe to use.

house of matcheshouse of matches

Why Houses Burn Faster Today, and How to Buy Yourself More Time

Find out why modern homes go up in flames so fast, and how you can slow a fire’s spread.

give thanksgive thanks

For Safety Devices, for Peace of Mind, for Being Alive, We’re Thankful

The Pilgrims had a good harvest; we have carbon monoxide alarms and pet microchips.

Power stripPower strip

Guide to Power Strips and Surge Protectors

You have at least one in your house, but are you using it right?

Woman wearing oven mittsWoman wearing oven mitts

Ask John: Cooking Safety

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the number one and two days of the year for cooking fires.


Tempted to Dry Your Clothes without Cleaning the Lint Filter?

This will make you think twice.

mom alone at homemom alone at home

Bringing Mom Home: How to Create a Safe Space for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s

In-home care builds comfort and independence, but be mindful of these potential “danger zones.”

Closed doorClosed door

Safety Tip: Close Your Bedroom Door at Night

It could mean the difference between life and death in a house fire.