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fire extinguisher handfire extinguisher hand

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

In case of a fire, know what to do without hesitation.

locked fileslocked files

Why to Create Emergency File (and What to Put in It)

If you met an untimely end tomorrow, would your loved ones be able to find the info they need?

Taking down outdoor Christmas lightsTaking down outdoor Christmas lights

That’s a Wrap: The Right Way to Undecorate After the Holidays

Storing or tossing decorations safely will give you a head start next year.

Christmas tree for trash pickupChristmas tree for trash pickup

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

5 ways to dispose of that evergreen after the ornaments are packed away.

Zero wasteZero waste

How to Be a Zero Waste Consumer

Use these “5 Rs” to limit the amount of trash you add to the world’s landfills.

Little girl shoveling snowLittle girl shoveling snow

5 Tips for Snow and Ice Safety

How to deal with some of the biggest challenges of winter weather.

Baby with toy in her mouthBaby with toy in her mouth

The Best Ways to Disinfect Your Kids’ Toys

4 tips for keeping your tots safe from toys teeming with germs.

High-rise buildingsHigh-rise buildings

How to Escape a Fire in a High-Rise Building

Don't get trapped in a tower of trouble.

paint canspaint cans

VOC Definition: What Are These Mysterious Chemicals?

Your furniture, carpet and even your paint emit them.

Holiday candlesHoliday candles

9 Ways to Prevent a Holiday House Fire

Let the holidays light up your life, not your house.

Cut Christmas treeCut Christmas tree

How to Put Up a Christmas Tree

Make sure you have the right spot, the right stand and right amount of water.

Decorating a Christmas treeDecorating a Christmas tree

Safety Tips for Trimming the Christmas Tree

Let there be ornaments and lights — and no injuries — this holiday.

fire extinguisherfire extinguisher

What Kind of Fire Extinguisher Do You Need, and Where?

Using the wrong type against a blaze can actually make a fire worse.

carbon monoxide detectorcarbon monoxide detector

Do You Know the Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

What you don’t know about CO can kill you.

Woman's home destroyed by fireWoman's home destroyed by fire

8 Ways to Help after a House Fire

Here are the top items survivors may need for health, safety and comfort.