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Cup in microwaveCup in microwave

How Safe Is the Radiation from Your Microwave?

A safety expert weighs in and debunks some microwave myths.

boy watching tvboy watching tv

5 Ways to Prevent TV Tip-overs

Nearly 20 kids visit ERs every day with injuries from TVs.

football helmetfootball helmet

Tips for a Fumble-Free Super Bowl Party

Five smart plays and two tasty recipes to make.

Baby looking through drawerBaby looking through drawer

10 Places to Use Child Safety Locks

Yes, you should lock up cleaning supplies. But did you know your oven needs a lock, too?

fire extinguisherfire extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers and 9 Other Items in Your House That Expire

It’s not just milk that goes bad — so do batteries, medicine and other household items.

carpenter antcarpenter ant

Average U.S. Home Harbors About 100 Types of Insects, Other Critters

Survey of 50 North Carolina houses found diverse communities of flies, spiders, mites in nearly all rooms.

Tiny House BasicsTiny House Basics

Tiny Houses Are Alluring, But How Safe Are They?

7 precautions to take if you live in one.

Small table in testing chamberSmall table in testing chamber

What Does "GREENGUARD Certified" Mean?

If you want cleaner air in your home, pay attention.

faucet glass waterfaucet glass water

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

You can’t tell by taste and color alone.

Abandoned houseAbandoned house

Why the Abandoned House in Your Neighborhood May Be a Safety Risk

When a homeowner splits, a little attention from neighbors can keep everyone safer.

man extension cordman extension cord

Are Your Old Extension Cords a Fire Hazard?

Extension cords don’t last forever; here’s when to toss them.


Hungry Goats: A “Green” Answer to Your Yard Troubles?

Put away the lawn mower — bring in these herds to get rid of weeds.

button batteriesbutton batteries

Button Batteries Continue to Wreak Havoc in Kids

A toddler in Oklahoma has died after swallowing a battery.

Small magnetsSmall magnets

Parents: Kids and Small Magnets Don’t Mix

The magnets, if swallowed, can land your child in the ER — or worse.

fire extinguisher handfire extinguisher hand

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

In case of a fire, know what to do without hesitation.