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This general view shows Indian residents as they look at floodwaters on a major highway in Chennai on December 3, 2015.This general view shows Indian residents as they look at floodwaters on a major highway in Chennai on December 3, 2015.

How to Stay Safe and Healthy after the Chennai Floods

Now that the worst of southern India’s rainfall is hopefully over, here’s what locals need to know and do during the recovery.

Smog in BeijingSmog in Beijing

China Issues First Red Smog Alert for Air Pollution

Beijing expects three or more days of severe smog.

Satellite picture of Hurricane Katrina making landfallSatellite picture of Hurricane Katrina making landfall

Deadly Storms in U.S. History (and What They Taught Us about Storm Safety)

Would you be ready if a tornado, hurricane or blizzard struck?

green eiffel towergreen eiffel tower

If Not the Planet, at Least the Eiffel Tower Is Going Green

As world leaders hunker down on climate change, here are some steps you can take now to reduce greenhouse gases yourself.

fall hiking mountainsfall hiking mountains

8 Tips for Safe Fall Hiking

Protect yourself against the unexpected.

thanksgiving tablethanksgiving table

11 Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

Keep this joyous, food-filled holiday free of illness and injury.

winter safetywinter safety

SafeBee's Top Winter Safety Tips

10 surprising ways to beat the elements and sidestep a slip, injury or accident.


How to Survive a Blizzard If You’re Caught Outside

Immediately building a snow shelter and fire can save your life.

whale watching boatwhale watching boat

Tips for Safe Whale Watching: Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

These excursions have a good reputation for safety, but do your research.

kids playing basketballkids playing basketball

Playborhoods: How to Create a Safe, Unstructured Play Space

As kids build social skills, you’ll build a sense of community.


How to Prepare for a Blizzard

The best time to get ready for being snowed in is long before winter arrives.


No GPS? How to Tell Where You Are

Learn the lost skill of finding directions without modern technology.

couple hiking mapcouple hiking map

What to Do if You Get Lost in the Mountains

Survival tips to get you home safely.

Hurricane PatriciaHurricane Patricia

Category 5 Hurricane Patricia Aims for Mexico

One of the strongest hurricanes ever expected to hit southwestern Mexico today.

sea snakesea snake

Great Snakes Alive! Venomous Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Surfaces in California

It's unlikely to bite, but if you see this refugee from the tropics, keep your distance.