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car emissionscar emissions

Carbon Dioxide Pollution Hits an All-Time High

This is the highest level we’ve seen across the globe — ever.

evocative packagingevocative packaging

Can Mushroom Packaging Help Save the Planet?

A new material grown from fungus disintegrates in weeks in your garden.

heat wave cityheat wave city

Severe Heat Waves: The Wave of the Future?

A climate study says they may become an annual threat.

tidal marker oceantidal marker ocean

Climate Change as Far as the Eye Can Sea

One study shows sea levels rose more in the 20th century than in any of the previous 27 centuries.

Average monthly water shortages around the globe.Average monthly water shortages around the globe.

Global Water Shortages May Be Far Worse than We Thought

A new study found about two-thirds of the population suffers severe shortages every year.

snowy mountains with swirling clouds snowy mountains with swirling clouds

What Is a Polar Vortex?

Plus, nine ways to stay safe in sub-zero temperatures.

Funnel-web spiderFunnel-web spider

Have Arachnophobia? These Are the Only Spiders That Are Likely to Hurt You

Here are 8 venomous spiders — one for each creepy little leg — you don’t want to mess with.

Ivy growing on treeIvy growing on tree

How to Get Rid of Ivy Without Weed Killer

Plus, 4 reasons you should get rid of this evil villain of the plant world.

female snowboarderfemale snowboarder

How Not to Go Snowblind

Sunglasses or ski goggles are key on sunny, snowy days.

pine forestpine forest

Are Trees Making Climate Change Worse?

A dark downside of dark trees.

kid snow tonguekid snow tongue

Is Snow Ice Cream Safe to Eat?

Maybe, but you have to know how to choose the right white stuff.

ice fishingice fishing

Ice Fishing Safety Tips

Don't find yourself on thin ice — and if you fall through, know what to do.

Big surf in CaliforniaBig surf in California

California Drought Emergency Extended Until Spring

Recent storms brought flooding and big surf, but the state continues to suffer from a severe water shortage.

Landfill fire in Mumbai, IndiaLandfill fire in Mumbai, India

Mumbai Landfill Fire Can Be Seen From Space

Disgusted? Here are five ways to cut down on your own household trash.


How to Prevent Hail Damage

These plummeting iceballs can shatter glass, dent cars and wreck roofs.