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Windshield wipers and Mary AndersonWindshield wipers and Mary Anderson

5 Women Whose Inventions Made the World Safer

From fire escapes to the material in bulletproof vests, these inventions continue to help keep us safe.

sleepy woman worksleepy woman work

You're Probably Wrong about How Much You Sleep

Research shows many of us over- or underestimate our ZZZs.

prescription pillsprescription pills

CDC Issues Tough New Guidelines on Use of Prescription Painkillers

To curb abuse, doctors should try non-narcotic options for most chronic pain not involving cancer, terminal illness.

cartoon showing man who hates doctors cartoon showing man who hates doctors

Being a "Difficult" Patient Might Come Back to Bite You

In fictional scenarios, doctors who were distracted by aggressive or disrespectful patients made more diagnostic errors.

woman doctor heartwoman doctor heart

Genetic High-Cholesterol Condition More Common Than Thought

Researchers say finding shows early treatment is important to avert heart attack.

woman insomniawoman insomnia

11 Ways to Soundproof Your Bedroom

Silence the racket and reclaim your slumber.

peanut butter peanut butter

Supervised Exposure Therapy for Peanut Allergy Lasts, Study Finds

Even after a year-long break, kids maintained their tolerance.

jimmy carterjimmy carter

What “Cured” Jimmy Carter?

Carter’s cancer, which had spread to his brain, appears to be in remission. One costly drug gets most of the credit.

Homemade eye creamHomemade eye cream

Homemade Eye Creams and Makeup Removers: How Safe Are They?

Your skin may not appreciate your DIY beauty potions.

cycling triathloncycling triathlon

For Ironman Athletes, Study Shows Danger of Too Much Water

Frequent fluid stops entice racers to drink more than they need, expert says.

kidney surgeonkidney surgeon

Need a Kidney? A New Approach Could Open Up the Options for Some

With desensitization, getting an incompatible organ is better than getting none, a major study finds.

runner ankle painrunner ankle pain

Could a Gait Analysis Protect Your Joints?

You may feel okay when you run, but a gait analysis can find form problems that up your injury risk.


Are You Truly Allergic to Penicillin?

Surprise — most people who think they are aren't.

daylights savingsdaylights savings

4 Surprising Risks of Daylight Savings Time

Springing forward may be bad for your health.

Mother and baby in hospitalMother and baby in hospital

Drive-Through Hospital Births

A new study shows an alarming number of women around the world leave the hospital too soon after giving birth.