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grocery store woman labelgrocery store woman label

What Does that Gluten-Free Label Mean?

Learn who regulates the label and how much gluten these products can legally contain.

woman drinking coffeewoman drinking coffee

7 Positive Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee

Get ready to brew a fresh pot.

colorful cerealcolorful cereal

Do Food Dyes Contribute to Behavior Problems in Kids?

Some experts say yes, but the FDA isn’t convinced.

field pesticidesfield pesticides

Soon There May Be Less Glyphosate, aka Weed Killer, in Your Dinner

The FDA will start testing foods for this chemical, a possible carcinogen.

whole chickenwhole chicken

Do You Know How to Check if Your Roast Chicken Is Done?

Hint: you need to check it in three places.

Fresh local produceFresh local produce

Alternatives to the “USDA Organic” Label: How Much Do They Mean?

From “Certified Naturally Grown” to “Non-GMO,” how to decipher natural food claims.

Pasta with parmesan cheesePasta with parmesan cheese

Cheese Lovers: There May Be Wood Pulp In Your Grated Parmesan

The FDA is cracking down — but will this “filler” ingredient hurt you?

milk being poured into glassmilk being poured into glass

Study Finds Organic Milk and Meat Have Higher Nutrient Levels

Research suggests these products have more omega-3s and other healthy fatty acids.

Chicken in a grocery storeChicken in a grocery store

Your Chicken May Soon Be Less Likely to Contain Salmonella

New USDA standards for poultry aim to reduce foodborne illness in the U.S.

buffalo wingsbuffalo wings

How to Cook Wings Safely When You're Cooking for a Crowd

Don't make these common mistakes with wings and other party foods.

chicken free rangechicken free range

What's the Difference Between Cage Free, Free Range and Pasture Raised Eggs?

And what does it mean for your health — and the chickens?

girl eating an applegirl eating an apple

Fiber May Help Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer Later in Life

If your daughter isn’t eating enough fiber, these recipes can help.

glitter cake roseglitter cake rose

Cake Dusts and Glitters: Are You Eating Plastic with That Icing?

Warning: Some of those “non toxic” decorations are not edible.

mixed berriesmixed berries

Berries Could Help You Lose Weight — and Here's One New Reason Why

It's not just that they're low in fat and calories, a new study finds.


Food Contamination: 6 Ways the FDA Is Stepping Up Food Safety Efforts Starting in 2016

Farmers and food manufacturers will soon be on the hook.