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eating healthy luncheating healthy lunch

Chef's Input in Cafeterias Leads Students to Eat More Healthy Foods

Students chose more veggies, fruits after cafeterias got professional consultation.

easter eggseaster eggs

Dyeing to Know: Are Easter Eggs Safe to Eat?

Don’t let a rotten egg spoil your spring holiday! Follow these tips for buying, dyeing and hiding eggs.

cows grazing cows grazing

Grass-Fed Beef: Worth the Prime Price?

The udder truth about pasture-raised meat and milk.

cutting producecutting produce

Chef's Tips for Cutting Tricky Produce

Even if you don’t have ninja-like knife skills, you can learn to cut these fruits and veggies like a pro.

woman at refrigeratorwoman at refrigerator

Refrigerator Thermometers: Cold Facts about Food Safety

Don't put you or your family in jeopardy of foodborne illnesses by making these refrigerator mistakes.

mac and cheese cropmac and cheese crop

Kraft Recalls Millions of Mac & Cheese Boxes

How to tell if that box in your pantry may contain metal.


Bait and Switch: Why the Fish You’re Eating May Not Be the Fish You Think You’re Eating

Are you being duped by fish fraudsters?

coconut oilcoconut oil

Coconut Oil Healthier Than Soybean Oil in Mouse Studies

Genetically modified soy promoted more weight gain and glucose intolerance than coconut.

blue bell icecreamblue bell icecream

FDA Investigates Listeria monocytogenes in Ice Cream Products from Blue Bell Creameries

Listeriosis is potentially linked to certain Blue Bell Creameries single serving products.

microwave popcornmicrowave popcorn

The Case Against Microwave Popcorn

There might be chemicals, trans fats, and an overload of sodium and artery-clogging saturated fat in your bag.

infants and peanutsinfants and peanuts

Peanut Butter for Infants?

Proceed with caution and follow these tips.

vegetarian dishvegetarian dish

Good News for Vegetarians: You May Have a Lower Risk of Colon Cancer

Your risk of colorectal cancer may be cut by 20 percent if you follow a vegetarian diet.

microwave mistakesmicrowave mistakes

6 Microwave Mistakes That Could Harm Your Health

Find out if you’re making any of these very common but potentially hazardous missteps.

healthier school lunchhealthier school lunch

How to Make Your Kids' School Lunch Healthier

School lunches may be better for kids after all.

woman worried in kitchenwoman worried in kitchen

Food Safety Fails

10 common mistakes that could make you sick.