dark chocolate Photo: Davizro Photography/Shutterstock

Your Chocolate May Contain Lead — But Should You Stop Eating It?

raw meal recallraw meal recall

Garden of Life RAW Meal Products Linked with Salmonella Outbreaks

27 people from 20 states have fallen ill.

gerber recallgerber recall

Gerber Recalls Organic Food Pouches Over Spoilage Concern

The company identified a packaging defect that may result in spoilage.

world plateworld plate

Can a Vegan Diet Help Save the World?

A new study says more people going vegetarian or vegan would slash greenhouse emissions — and save lives.

chicken of the seachicken of the sea

Chicken of the Sea Recalls More Than 100,000 Cans of Tuna

The product might be undercooked due to an equipment malfunction.

bumble bee tuna recallbumble bee tuna recall

Bumble Bee Recalls More Than 30,000 Cases of Chunk Light Tuna

The company discovered improper sterilization at a third-party packing facility.

Purina recalled dog foodPurina recalled dog food

Purina Recalls Tubs of Wet Dog Food

Vitamin and mineral levels may be off in the recalled food, the company says.

french fries fryerfrench fries fryer

The FDA Wants Less Acrylamide in Our Food

French fries, potato chips and even your morning toast may contain this probable carcinogen.

digiorno pizzadigiorno pizza

Nestle Recalls Nearly 3 Million Frozen Pizzas, Meals After Glass Found

Recall includes certain DiGiorno pizzas, Lean Cuisine dinners and Stouffer’s meals.

Chicken nuggets and French friesChicken nuggets and French fries

Half of What Americans Eat is “Ultra-Processed”

And those foods and drinks are pumping us full of added sugar.

pistachio recallpistachio recall

Wonderful Pistachios Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

11 people in nine states have been sickened so far, likely from the nuts.

go squeez packaginggo squeez packaging

GoGo squeeZ Recalls Applesauce Pouches Over Quality Concerns

Food residue may have made its way into the product.

chicken nuggetschicken nuggets

Applegate Recalls More Than 4,500 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets

The nuggets may be contaminated with plastic.

family eatingfamily eating

Can the Right Diet Help Protect You from Lead Poisoning?

The important role calcium, iron and vitamin C play.

vegan pizzavegan pizza

Bill Clinton: A Mostly Vegan Diet May Have Saved My Life

Want to become a part-time vegan? Start with these tips.

Healthy eating infographicHealthy eating infographic

Your Dinner Plate Could Be a Whole Lot Healthier

Step up your nutrition know-how with this expert advice.