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pink eye boypink eye boy

Pink Eye Symptoms: How to Recognize Them (And How to Stop the Spread)

Is it conjunctivitis, and if so, what should you do?

TSA agent check IDTSA agent check ID

A Driver's License May No Longer Get You on a Plane if You're From One of These 9 States

The Department of Homeland Security says they fail to meet federal standards under the Real ID Act.

donating blooddonating blood

Can You Donate Blood?

Blood donation saves lives, but are you eligible?

chili casserolechili casserole

How to Avoid Food Poisoning at Your Next Potluck

From casseroles to desserts, bring joy — not illness — to your potluck party.

ecofriendly wrappingecofriendly wrapping

Have a Less Wasteful Holiday

From greeting cards to wrapping paper, we offer tips to recycle and re-use them.

car broke down wintercar broke down winter

Road Safety: How to Prepare for a Holiday Road Trip

5 tips for making sure your car is ready to roll.

heavy bag airportheavy bag airport

Travel Tips: How to Lug Your Luggage without Losing It — or Hurting Yourself

Protect your suitcases and your back with these smart strategies.

lead rust waterlead rust water

Lead Poisoning Outbreak Leads to State of Emergency in Michigan

The number of children in Flint, Michigan, with lead poisoning symptoms has nearly doubled since 2014.

A tornado in #BattleGround uprooted trees, sent shingles flying and disrupted gas lines on NE 14th Court. A tornado in #BattleGround uprooted trees, sent shingles flying and disrupted gas lines on NE 14th Court.

Rare Tornado Touches Down in Washington State

An EF-1 tornado caused damage near Battle Ground, Washington on Thursday.


Tularemia ("Rabbit Fever") Is on the Rise in 4 States

The CDC warns of outbreaks of this little-known bacterial disease.

flourless chocolate cookiesflourless chocolate cookies

3 Gluten-Free Christmas Cookie Recipes

Treat your gluten-free friends and family with these yummy holiday treats.

santa packagessanta packages

Keep Your Packages Safe From Thieves

Don't let a grinch steal your holiday gifts.

travel tsa agenttravel tsa agent

State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert

Amid concerns over widespread terror threats, agency advises American travelers to stay vigilant abroad.


Safe Thanksgiving Guide

Keep your day of gratitude happy and healthy.

stuffed acornstuffed acorn

4 Recipe Ideas for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Want to spare a turkey this Thanksgiving? Try these main dish recipes instead.