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evocative packagingevocative packaging

Can Mushroom Packaging Help Save the Planet?

A new material grown from fungus disintegrates in weeks in your garden.

evenflo car seatevenflo car seat

Evenflo Recalled Some 56,000 Car Seats

The harness in Transitions 3-in-1 Combination car seats could become loose.

heat wave cityheat wave city

Severe Heat Waves: The Wave of the Future?

A climate study says they may become an annual threat.

grocery store woman labelgrocery store woman label

What Does that Gluten-Free Label Mean?

Learn who regulates the label and how much gluten these products can legally contain.

american heart kioskamerican heart kiosk

Have a Layover? Learn How to Save a Life with CPR

Coming to an airport near you are kiosks that teach you CPR in minutes.

pothole carpothole car

How to Avoid Pothole Damage

Don't let these gorges gouge you.

tidal marker oceantidal marker ocean

Climate Change as Far as the Eye Can Sea

One study shows sea levels rose more in the 20th century than in any of the previous 27 centuries.

like and share fblike and share fb

Facebook Like-Farming: Are You One Click Away from a Scam?

Think before you like or share clickbait.

whole chickenwhole chicken

Do You Know How to Check if Your Roast Chicken Is Done?

Hint: you need to check it in three places.


C. Diff: Symptoms and Causes of This Nasty Bacterial Infection

This bacterium can survive for long periods on surfaces. Here’s how to protect your gut.

tick on skintick on skin

Scientists Discover New Bacteria that Causes Lyme Disease

The new species, carried by deer ticks, has so far been found in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

female snowboarderfemale snowboarder

How Not to Go Snowblind

Sunglasses or ski goggles are key on sunny, snowy days.

pine forestpine forest

Are Trees Making Climate Change Worse?

A dark downside of dark trees.

washing vegetableswashing vegetables

Listeria Infection: How to Avoid It and Recognize the Symptoms

Learn more about what causes this foodborne illness and who's at risk.

ice fishingice fishing

Ice Fishing Safety Tips

Don't find yourself on thin ice — and if you fall through, know what to do.