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It’s a Match! Selecting a Life Jacket that FitsIt’s a Match! Selecting a Life Jacket that Fits

It’s a Match! Selecting a Life Jacket that Fits

One life jacket may not fit all, but there is a life jacket to fit every situation or activity.

family in tentfamily in tent

How to Choose a Tent That’s Rainproof

Stay dry tips from a UL testing lab

Girl wearing sunscreenGirl wearing sunscreen

Stay Safe in the Sun with These Tips

Daily sunscreen use cuts skin cancer risk in half

Water FilterWater Filter

Water Wellness: How to Select a Water Filter for Your Home

What you need to know before choosing a water filter or whole-house filtration system

Family drivingFamily driving

Tips for Safe Driving During Family Vacations

Use these 8 ideas for a safer, easier summer road trip


How to Choose Luggage That Withstands the Rigors of Travel

Understanding how UL tests suitcases can help you make better purchasing decisions


Lightning Strikes Often! Protect Your Electronics and Appliances from Power Surges

Surge protectors can make a difference

house and familyhouse and family

7 Safe Summer House Repairs, Plus Maintenance Musts

Keep your home in good shape with these tips


Grill It Up! Safety Musts and Other Important Grilling Tips

How to avoid grilling accidents and what to look for in a grill

Life JacketsLife Jackets

Don’t Just Pack It! Wear Your Life Jacket

How to choose a personal flotation device

rainwater catchmentrainwater catchment

Reduce or Eliminate Your Water Bill with a Rainwater Harvesting System

The basics of rainwater catchment

Safe LockSafe Lock

Key Tips for Securely Storing Documents and Other Valuables

How to keep important documents and valuable items secure


How to Make Eco-Friendly Shopping Decisions: 4 Tips

Consider the planet when you shop

zero wastezero waste

Save Money and Help the Planet: Take the Zero Waste Challenge

Can you reduce, refuse, reuse or recycle … most everything? Give it a try!


Protecting Your Family from Dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Home furnishings, cleaners and other common household items can harm your health