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ncoa main imagencoa main image

6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

If you’re getting older, the National Council on Aging has some advice.

hands free man drivinghands free man driving

Hands-Free Talking and Texting Is Killing Us

80 percent of Americans think using a hands-free device while driving is safe. It isn't.

peanut butter jar knifepeanut butter jar knife

Should You Give Your Baby Foods with Peanuts After All?

Medical groups now endorse early exposure in some kids (but don’t try this at home).

Tent campingTent camping

Camping Safety Tips

Venturing into the woods? Arm yourself with this advice.

man driving at nightman driving at night

12 Tips for Safer Nighttime Driving

When darkness falls, use these strategies to arrive alive.


FDA Bans Cilantro from Some Mexican Farms for Seriously Unpleasant Reasons

A lack of bathroom facilities has led to human waste in fields.

Baby chicks kissingBaby chicks kissing

CDC Calls "Fowl" on Chicken Cuddling

Agency links four salmonella outbreaks to backyard flocks.

lightning boltlightning bolt

What Will You Die Of?

Death is inevitable, but we may be able to delay it.

spinach in bowl on tablespinach in bowl on table

10 Foods to Eat for Eye Health

Help stave off macular degeneration, cataracts and more with these tempting foods

Gas burner on stoveGas burner on stove

What To Do If You Smell Gas

Hint: Don’t call the utility company until you’re well away from the house.

Airbag deploying in a crash testAirbag deploying in a crash test

Toyota and Other Carmakers Expand Recall of Vehicles With Exploding Airbag Hazard

About 33 million airbags declared defective in the biggest auto recall in history.

sweaty Asian womansweaty Asian woman

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke: Spot the Symptoms

It’s easy to get these dangerous heat illnesses but harder to recognize them when they happen.

Little boy getting a vaccineLittle boy getting a vaccine

Surprising Side Benefits of the Measles Vaccine

Vaccination helps protect against not just measles but a host of other potentially fatal infections.

Hostel sign on a brick wallHostel sign on a brick wall

Hostel Safety: How to Have a Fun, Incident-Free Adventure

Budget travelers love these cheap accomodations — and so do thieves.

IKEA expands its crib mattress recallIKEA expands its crib mattress recall

IKEA Expand Its Recall of Crib Mattresses

Some SULTAN and VYSSA mattresses create a gap between the mattress and head of the bed that could trap or suffocate infants.