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happify infographichappify infographic

How Money Can Make You Happy — Or Not

Think you'd enjoy life so much more if you bought a house or fancy car? Think again.

sea snakesea snake

Great Snakes Alive! Venomous Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Surfaces in California

It's unlikely to bite, but if you see this refugee from the tropics, keep your distance.

man mole backman mole back

Worried about Skin Cancer? Count the Moles on Your Right Arm

That number can predict how many you have on your whole body — and whether you're at increased melanoma risk.

selena gomezselena gomez

What Is Lupus? How to Recognize the Symptoms of This Autoimmune Disease

Find out what singer Selena Gomez's illness is all about.

veterinarian cow livestockveterinarian cow livestock

Antibiotics in Meat: California Cracks Down

Experts warn antibiotic resistance could put us back in “Dark Ages” of medicine.

caramel applescaramel apples

Caramel Apples: How to Avoid Food Poisoning This Halloween

Scientists have discovered the keys to keeping these chewy treats listeria-free.

Employees of LRS Plumbing are wearing pink shirts all month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness MonthEmployees of LRS Plumbing are wearing pink shirts all month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Plumbers Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The five brothers who run LRS Plumbing have friends and family affected by breast cancer and wanted to do something about it.

kids walking schoolkids walking school

Road Safety for Kids: All Aboard the Walking School Bus

If you can't walk your kid to school, other parents can "drive" him there.

cellphone back pocketcellphone back pocket

Emergency! Too Many People Are Butt Dialing 911

The influx of false calls is straining the system, Google research finds.

kid superherokid superhero

School Kids as Safety Superheroes

These kids deserve an award for thwarting bullies and foiling a school shooting.

boys rowing south carolinaboys rowing south carolina

Lessons from the South Carolina Flood

How to prepare for a flood and what to do (and not do) when the waters rise.

cheerios boxescheerios boxes

General Mills Recalls 1.8 Million Boxes of Cheerios

The cereals contain wheat and are wrongly labeled “gluten free.”

hyundai sonatahyundai sonata

Hyundai Sonatas and Accents Recalled

In some Sonatas, metal debris could lead to an engine stall and possibly a crash.

hand sanitizerhand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers: An Unexpected Danger

More kids are drinking alcohol-based products and landing in the ER.

car green emissionscar green emissions

Make Your Own Car Greener: How to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Slash greenhouse gases with these handy tips from the EPA.