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Tap waterTap water

Boil Water Advisory? Here’s What to Do

When your town tells you to boil your water, exactly what does that mean?

Eiffel Tower in ParisEiffel Tower in Paris

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Eiffel Tower was bathed in a rosy hue to kick off a month of breast cancer awareness.

Air pollutionAir pollution

Air Pollution Kills More Than 3 Million People a Year, Study Finds

Harvard researchers say the number of deaths could double by 2050.

Legionella bacteriaLegionella bacteria

3 Chicago-area Schools Closed Due to Legionnaires' Disease Threat

Tests of air in cooling towers found heightened levels of Legionella bacteria.

School lunchSchool lunch

3 School Lunch Tips from Mom Bloggers We Love

Time-saving advice from busy parents to busy parents on how to pack a tasty, appealing lunchbox.

Laundry lifehackLaundry lifehack

Parenting Hacks from Mom Bloggers We Love

Three cool ideas to make your day easier.

Broken armBroken arm

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Bone Fractures?

What bone is the most painful to break? Which one do people break most? Which bone takes longest to heal? Get these answers and more in this bone IQ test.

Dad helping daughter with homeworkDad helping daughter with homework

Study Up: 6 Ways Parent Involvement in a Child’s Education Can Pay off

Would you get an A for participation? Here’s how even busy moms and dads can make the grade.

Awareness ribbonsAwareness ribbons

Test Your Awareness Ribbon IQ

You see these ribbons stuck to car bumpers and pinned to lapels, but do you know what they represent?

Old football helmetOld football helmet

Safety Flashback: Football Helmets

Look how far safety gear has come.

College campusCollege campus

Families of Virginia Tech Victims Launch Campus Safety Organization

Group aims to help colleges identify and bridge gaps in student safety policies.

Eatwell tablewareEatwell tableware

Custom Tableware Aims to Improve Lives of Dementia Patients

Eatwell Table Set may help people with Alzheimer’s disease eat more, and eat more easily.

Appliance on fireAppliance on fire

Appliance Advice

Your clothes dryer, furnace and other appliances are your friends — until something happens that puts you or your home at risk.


Handy Tool Tips

Whether you're a home improvement novice or an avid DIY-er, drill down into these tool tips to avoid an unfortunate accident.

Cleaning counterCleaning counter

Avoid These 6 Bleach Mistakes

Misusing bleach can have more serious consequences than ruining your favorite jeans.