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Ankle sprainAnkle sprain

8 Mnemonics to Know for Your Health and Safety

Find out how RACE, PASS, RICE and STOP could help you out of a jam.

President ObamaPresident Obama

Being President Is Dangerous, and Not for the Reasons You Think

Job stress takes a toll on your body. Here are 6 ways to cope.

Holiday candlesHoliday candles

9 Ways to Prevent a Holiday House Fire

Let the holidays light up your life, not your house.

wool socks fireplacewool socks fireplace

6 Hot Tips for Fireplace Safety

Keep the festive blaze where it belongs.

Delhi smogDelhi smog

Delhi May Close Schools Due to Toxic Smog

Record levels of air pollution are threatening the health of millions of kids.

carbon monoxide detectorcarbon monoxide detector

Do You Know the Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

What you don’t know about CO can kill you.

Online shoppingOnline shopping

Counterfeit Goods: 4 Ways to Avoid Buying a Phony Product Online

Fake products may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

mosquito on skinmosquito on skin

Hawaii’s Dengue Fever Outbreak Expands

136 residents and visitors have fallen ill so far.

Smog in BeijingSmog in Beijing

China Issues First Red Smog Alert for Air Pollution

Beijing expects three or more days of severe smog.

Little girl near Christmas treeLittle girl near Christmas tree

Childproof Your Home for the Holidays

13 simple tips for protecting curious tots.

christmas tree roof carchristmas tree roof car

How to Safely Transport Your Christmas Tree

Plus, how to get tree sap off your car.

Busy parking lotBusy parking lot

Parking Lot Safety: How to Avoid an Accident

Busy shoppers plus distracted drivers make for a dangerous situation.

salt infographicsalt infographic

High-Salt Warnings Coming to New York City Menus

A new rule means some restaurants have to warn diners about sodium-filled foods.

Boy playing with Christmas toyBoy playing with Christmas toy

How to Buy Safe Toys

Make sure the gifts your kids unwrap this year won't hurt them.

doctor lab coatdoctor lab coat

Could Your Doctor's Lab Coat Make You Sick?

Why some docs are hanging up their coats for good.