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New Twitter Rules Ban Mean Speech

Like your mom used to say: If you don’t have anything nice to tweet, don’t tweet anything at all.


Plastic Microbeads Banned Under New Law

These small particles can harm the environment in a big way.

Tow truckTow truck

Beware This Growing Tow Truck Scam

If help arrives unbidden, wave it away.

mom baby toysmom baby toys

Top Home Safety Tips for People with Kids

12 ways to better protect your most valuable treasures.

Taking down outdoor Christmas lightsTaking down outdoor Christmas lights

That’s a Wrap: The Right Way to Undecorate After the Holidays

Storing or tossing decorations safely will give you a head start next year.

Christmas tree for trash pickupChristmas tree for trash pickup

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

5 ways to dispose of that evergreen after the ornaments are packed away.

Raw beefRaw beef

Please, Don’t Include “Tiger Meat” on Your Holiday Menu

This Midwest holiday favorite might give the gift of food poisoning.

Dental careDental care

5 Ways to Cut Your Dental Care Costs

A reason to smile: You can still get affordable dental care without insurance. Here's how.

Little girl shoveling snowLittle girl shoveling snow

5 Tips for Snow and Ice Safety

How to deal with some of the biggest challenges of winter weather.

Christmas cookiesChristmas cookies

Holiday Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Aunt Alice can't help spreading her cold germs, but you can make sure you don't spread food poisoning.

Map of Florida and Southern United StatesMap of Florida and Southern United States

If You Live in These States, You're More Likely to Have Your Identity Stolen

Plus, 10 tips for preventing ID theft.

Child eatingChild eating

Parents: Don’t Accidentally Give Your Kids Food Poisoning

Little ones are especially vulnerable, so clean up your food safety act.

Ankle sprainAnkle sprain

8 Mnemonics to Know for Your Health and Safety

Find out how RACE, PASS, RICE and STOP could help you out of a jam.

President ObamaPresident Obama

Being President Is Dangerous, and Not for the Reasons You Think

Job stress takes a toll on your body. Here are 6 ways to cope.

Holiday candlesHoliday candles

9 Ways to Prevent a Holiday House Fire

Let the holidays light up your life, not your house.