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password laptop password laptop

These Common Passwords Are the Worst for Cybersecurity

Ever used "password," "12345" or "starwars"? You're not alone.

Blur of cars on highwayBlur of cars on highway

Road Safety: The Government Wants to Ban Cell Phones and Make Collision Avoidance Features Standard

These wishes are part of the NTSB’s most wanted changes for 2016.

EMV credit cardEMV credit card

Beware This Email Scam Involving EMV Credit Cards

The new cards are more secure, so criminals are resorting to an old trick.

Small table in testing chamberSmall table in testing chamber

What Does "GREENGUARD Certified" Mean?

If you want cleaner air in your home, pay attention.

faucet glass waterfaucet glass water

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

You can’t tell by taste and color alone.

Empty desks and chairsEmpty desks and chairs

Detroit Teachers Protest Workplace Safety Issues with “Sick-Out”

Teachers cite leaking roofs, rodent problems and lack of heat.

Snow blowerSnow blower

Snow Blower Safety Tips: What to Know Before You Blow

A dozen do’s and don’ts for avoiding injury.

Ed Begley Jr.Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.’s 4 Tips for Going Green in 2016

The actor and environmental activist practices what he preaches.

Smart home tech - refrigeratorSmart home tech - refrigerator

The Internet of Things Took Over CES — and Will Soon Take Over Our Homes

Smart home tech gives appliances a cool new makeover, but safety experts raise concerns.

Small magnetsSmall magnets

Parents: Kids and Small Magnets Don’t Mix

The magnets, if swallowed, can land your child in the ER — or worse.

Dog at homeDog at home

Traveling with Dogs? Those Car Crates and Harnesses May Not Do Him Much Good

Crash test results could be a reason to leave Fido at home.


New Twitter Rules Ban Mean Speech

Like your mom used to say: If you don’t have anything nice to tweet, don’t tweet anything at all.


Plastic Microbeads Banned Under New Law

These small particles can harm the environment in a big way.

Tow truckTow truck

Beware This Growing Tow Truck Scam

If help arrives unbidden, wave it away.

mom baby toysmom baby toys

Top Home Safety Tips for People with Kids

12 ways to better protect your most valuable treasures.