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snowy mountains with swirling clouds snowy mountains with swirling clouds

What Is a Polar Vortex?

Plus, nine ways to stay safe in sub-zero temperatures.

Woman frustrated with scaleWoman frustrated with scale

Weight Loss Supplement Ads: Don’t Swallow the Claims

In scams flagged by the FTC, the only place you’ll lose weight is in your wallet.

Chicken in a grocery storeChicken in a grocery store

Your Chicken May Soon Be Less Likely to Contain Salmonella

New USDA standards for poultry aim to reduce foodborne illness in the U.S.

Poor, elderly manPoor, elderly man

New Scam Targets Senior Citizens Who Were Already Victims of Fraud

“Asset recovery” scams are making elderly consumers victims twice over.


Saved from a Pile of Rubble by a ... Robotic Cockroach?

How a universally reviled bug inspired a potential search-and-rescue breakthrough.


How to Handle Online Trolls

Sometimes silence is golden, but other times you have to speak up. Here’s how.

Electrical hazard signElectrical hazard sign

8 Ways You Didn't Know You Could Get an Electric Shock or Electrical Burn

Plus, why DIYers and children are at highest risk.

white hoverboardwhite hoverboard

UL Will Start Certifying Hoverboards

The popular self-powered scooters have been making headlines as fire hazards.

boy watching tvboy watching tv

5 Ways to Prevent TV Tip-overs

Nearly 20 kids visit ERs every day with injuries from TVs.

Big surf in CaliforniaBig surf in California

California Drought Emergency Extended Until Spring

Recent storms brought flooding and big surf, but the state continues to suffer from a severe water shortage.

Coffee beansCoffee beans

More Than a Grind: Coffee Roasters May Be Inhaling Toxic Air

Drinking coffee is one thing; breathing the air at processing facilities is another.

Landfill fire in Mumbai, IndiaLandfill fire in Mumbai, India

Mumbai Landfill Fire Can Be Seen From Space

Disgusted? Here are five ways to cut down on your own household trash.

tax service neon signtax service neon sign

In New Scam, Shady Tax Preparers Target People Without Health Insurance

Spanish speakers are particularly vulnerable, the IRS says.

Shoveling out a snowed-in carShoveling out a snowed-in car

A Tragic Reminder About Cars and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If your car is buried in snow, don’t sit in it with the engine running.

Baby looking through drawerBaby looking through drawer

10 Places to Use Child Safety Locks

Yes, you should lock up cleaning supplies. But did you know your oven needs a lock, too?