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plane interior cabinplane interior cabin

How to Survive a Plane Crash

Most crashes are survivable, so it pays to know what to do.

Kids eating lunch at schoolKids eating lunch at school

The ABCs of Food Allergies in the Classroom

Take these 6 steps to keep a child with food allergies safe at school.

girl moving into dormgirl moving into dorm

Dorm Safety 101: A Checklist for College Students

Study up to make sure your dorm or off-campus housing is a safe place to call home.

Neighborhood WatchNeighborhood Watch

7 Steps for Starting a Neighborhood Watch

There’s safety in numbers. Join forces with neighbors to show criminals they’re not welcome where you live.

bitten pencilbitten pencil

9 Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

Avoid these pitfalls to protect your pearly whites.

hand fire alarmhand fire alarm

How to Survive a Fire

6 steps for escaping a burning building quickly and safely.

elderly man thumbs up carelderly man thumbs up car

Safety Tips for Senior Drivers

How to tune up your driving skills and improve your safety on the road.

money medical billsmoney medical bills

Hospital Bills Making You Sick?

You may need a medical billing advocate.

great white sharkgreat white shark

How to Avoid a Shark Attack

8 ways to avoid being bitten.

credit card and stethoscopecredit card and stethoscope

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Medical ID Theft

Medical identity theft can hurt your wallet and harm your health. What you should know.

thumbs up bandagethumbs up bandage

When to Get Medical Treatment for a Cut

Seven reasons to see a doctor, rush to the ER or dial 911.

tree fallen on cartree fallen on car

Timber! 7 Signs a Tree May Be About to Fall

Learn how to spot dangerous tree and what to do about it.


6 Smarter Ways to Light Up Your Home

A few easy, inexpensive tweaks can make your home safer.

husky on the grasshusky on the grass

Should You Shave Your Dog For Summer? No Way, Vets Say

Before you take your dog to the groomer, learn why it’s cooler to let your canine pal go “au naturel.”

baby in bathtubbaby in bathtub

10 Home Safety Mistakes to Stop Making Now

Chances are you’re guilty of one of these safety fails.