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Lightning Strikes Often! Protect Your Electronics and Appliances from Power Surges

Surge protectors can make a difference

house and familyhouse and family

7 Safe Summer House Repairs, Plus Maintenance Musts

Keep your home in good shape with these tips


Grill It Up! Safety Musts and Other Important Grilling Tips

How to avoid grilling accidents and what to look for in a grill

Life JacketsLife Jackets

Don’t Just Pack It! Wear Your Life Jacket

How to choose a personal flotation device

rainwater catchmentrainwater catchment

Reduce or Eliminate Your Water Bill with a Rainwater Harvesting System

The basics of rainwater catchment

Safe LockSafe Lock

Key Tips for Securely Storing Documents and Other Valuables

How to keep important documents and valuable items secure


How to Make Eco-Friendly Shopping Decisions: 4 Tips

Consider the planet when you shop

zero wastezero waste

Save Money and Help the Planet: Take the Zero Waste Challenge

Can you reduce, refuse, reuse or recycle … most everything? Give it a try!


Protecting Your Family from Dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Home furnishings, cleaners and other common household items can harm your health

Earth DayEarth Day

12 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use for Earth Day

Save money and lower your carbon footprint with these steps

food wastefood waste

Save Money and the Planet: Reduce Your Family’s Food Waste

40 percent of U.S. food is wasted, with dire costs


Is That Product Healthy?

Find out easily with the free GoodGuide® app

spring bikingspring biking

8 Tips to Get Your Bike — and You — Ready for Spring

A safety checklist for road or trail riding.

washing machinewashing machine

Water Leak Detectors Can Help Save Your Home from Disaster

A broken pipe or appliance can quickly do massive damage

smoke alarmsmoke alarm

Fire Research: Improving Smoke Alarms and Saving Lives

Enhanced requirements better address nuisance signaling and the modern home furnishings