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prescription bottle handprescription bottle hand

FDA Orders Warning Labels on Prescription Narcotic Painkillers

Immediate-release versions of addictive meds such as Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin to be affected.

house cutawayhouse cutaway

Room-By-Room Tips to Prevent Accidental Poisoning

If you have kids, you’ll want to give these rooms the once-over.

Wearable fitness deviceWearable fitness device

Wearable Fitness Devices: Who Owns Your Data?

The short (and scary) answer: not you.

kids shoeskids shoes

Are Your Kid’s Shoes Ruining Her Feet?

7 tips for making sure your child’s footwear is fitting.

milk milk

Illnesses from Raw Milk Strike Again

The CDC says raw milk was the likely culprit in a 2014 multistate outbreak of listeriosis.

prescription elderly coupleprescription elderly couple

1 in 6 Seniors Takes Dangerous Combos of Meds, Supplements

Researchers say patients should tell doctors every treatment they're taking.

denver security checkpointdenver security checkpoint

Dumbest Things People Do in Airports

These slip-ups are just plane crazy.

couple new house keyscouple new house keys

Scammers Phish for Mortgage Closing Costs

Don't let a phishing scam keep you from your dream home.

Car with mouseCar with mouse

5 Ways to Protect Your Car from Being Hacked

Take car hacking seriously — now — the FBI says.

police sirenpolice siren

Breathalyzer-Locked Car Ignitions Are Saving Lives, Study Says

Deaths decline 15 percent in states that require the technology for offenders.

CC SkimmerCC Skimmer

How to Spot a Credit Card Skimmer

Check before you swipe. Here’s how it all works.

Children in life jacketsChildren in life jackets

How to Make Sure Your Life Jacket Would Save Your Life

These inflatable vests will do their job — if you do yours and choose the right one.

Woman cleaningWoman cleaning

11 Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Get your home fresh and clean without hurting yourself or the planet.

Cars drivingCars driving

Your Next Car Might Be a Better Driver than You

Chances are it will have automatic emergency braking and other do-it-itself safety features.

Neck massageNeck massage

How to Treat Neck Pain without Seeing a Chiropractor

Having a pain in the neck is such a, well, pain in the neck.