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The Dangers of Lasers in Toys and Other Products

Prevent serious eye injuries with these tips

family holiday dinnerfamily holiday dinner

6 steps to stay safe when cooking for a crowd

Smart ways to safely cook large amounts of food this holiday season

connected worldconnected world

10 Ways to Keep Your Personal Info Private and Secure in Today’s Connected World

Here’s how to secure your connected devices

key fobkey fob

Securing Your Vehicle: How to Prevent Keyless Entry Thefts and Other Key Fob Hacks

Must-knows about key fob security

electrical plugelectrical plug

Electrical System Checklist: Help Ensure That Your Home’s Electrical System Is Safe

Use this list to look for problems to help prevent a house fire

Natural gasNatural gas

Have Natural Gas Appliances? Implement These Critical Safety Tips

Learn what to do if there’s a gas leak, know how to maintain your gas appliances, and other important information


13 Spook-tacular Steps for Keeping Kids Safe on Halloween

A child’s risk of getting hit by a car doubles during this holiday. Here’s how to help keep children safe from cars and other hazards

Fall front doorFall front door

5 Ways to Keep Your Family and Home Safe This Fall and Winter

Prepare for the colder months with these tips

Boys basketballBoys basketball

How to Keep Kids Safe During School Sports: 15 Tips

Reduce injury risk with these steps

fire truckfire truck

12 Critical Steps for Protecting Your Family from a House Fire

Today’s families have just two to three minutes to escape, making preparation vital

hurricane seasonhurricane season

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After a Natural Disaster

Portable generators, if not operated properly, can kill in minutes. Here’s how to protect your family.

kids onlinekids online

Screen Rules: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online and Prevent Technology Addictions

Use these guidelines to set rules around your children’s screen use


When Thunder Roars, Get Indoors!

If you can hear thunder, you’re close enough to get struck by lightning, so seek shelter

back to schoolback to school

Back to School Safety Tips

Ways to help keep your kids safe

golf bagsgolf bags

Protect Your Back: Roll Your Luggage or Golf Bag (Don’t Carry It)

Pulling/pushing a heavy bag is safer, but if you have to carry one, hede these safety tips