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woman with holiday lightswoman with holiday lights

Your Holiday Safety Center

From food to decor to gifts for the kids, discover smart tips for keeping the family, and guests, safe this holiday.

man drivingman driving

6 Caring Ways to Get an Aging Parent to Stop Driving

Before your aging parent gets in a car accident, try these gentle ways to get Mom or Dad to stop driving.

Cookie dough ready for baking.Cookie dough ready for baking.

Is Raw Cookie Dough Really That Risky?

Learn the truth about eating raw eggs and get smart ways to protect yourself from salmonella

man snowblowingman snowblowing

Prepare Your House for Winter Storms

Is your home prepared for winter weather? Here are the supplies and strategies you’ll need to deal with snow and ice storms.

dog and cat in the snowdog and cat in the snow

10 Ways to Be Kind to Your Pet this Winter

From puppy parkas to plastic water bowls, get great ideas for keeping your dog or cat safe and warm all winter long.


The Safe Way to Use a Humidifier

How to moisten dry indoor air without making you or your family sick.

texting and drivingtexting and driving

7 Ways to Prevent Your Teen from Texting and Driving

Saving your young driver from his cell phone could save his life.

baby asleep in cribbaby asleep in crib

The Sleep-Safe Baby Guide

Are you following the latest guidelines for how to keep your baby safe?


3 Ways to Eat Safer Produce This Winter

How to avoid pesticides and still load up on fruits and veggies even when the garden’s long gone.

holiday decorholiday decor

Disaster-Proof Your Holiday Decor

Celebrate the holidays safely with these smart tips for decorating the house, trimming the tree and using the fireplace.

401k sign401k sign

5 Ways to Protect Your 401(k) — Including from Yourself

If you’re counting on your 401(k) for retirement, follow this advice for corporate theft to early withdrawals to make sure the money is there waiting.

man in cold weatherman in cold weather

Stay Safe in Crazy-Cold Weather

What you need to know about the two greatest dangers — hypothermia and frostbite.


Milk Alternatives: How Do They Stack Up?

Not all dairy alternatives are created equal. From soy to almond to rice milk, here's what to look for, and what to avoid, in a cow's milk substitute.

decorating christmas treedecorating christmas tree

Be Tree Smart This Christmas

Whether your Christmas tree is fresh or artificial, follow these precautions for putting it up and decorating it the safe way.

safety deposit boxsafety deposit box

3 Things You Should Never Put in Your Safe-Deposit Box — and 6 Things You Should

A safe-deposit box may be the best place to store some items and the worst place for others. Here's a quick run-down of what to keep in — and keep out.